Member Jenni Prisk’s Bold Journey


Each of us is on a bold journey. Indeed, life itself requires boldness. Whether our path is professional or personal, fortitude, confidence and courage are necessary to achieve successful outcomes. Women, especially, benefit from developing and utlising these capacities because the world demands so much more from us across a wide spectrum of specifics.

Gender equity, pay parity, leadership recognition without subjugation or criticism, impostor syndrome, life balance, the list is long. And in Aotearoa New Zealand we must continue to turn our attention to the slings and arrows of racial division, notably toward wahine Māori.

When the online publication, Bold Journey, approached me for an interview, I was honored to respond. BJ’s mission is “to create a space for all of us to learn from each other, through stories.” Over the past two years, it’s been my privilege to share the inspiring stories of women who are members of our roopu.

Through Global Women, we have the opportunity to uplift and propel ourselves and each other toward our desired goals and purpose. The myriad of talents and capabilities we bring together in one organisation is astounding. Our boldness has and will continue to move the dial forward for women but there is much still to be realised. As a collective body we can stand up, speak up and shine a spotlight on disparities and discrepancies.

I hope that you will find some useful nuggets in my article. And, as 2024 unfolds, my wish for you is that you experience joy in your life, peace in your pursuits an boldness in your journey. Nga mihi nui.

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