What is Global Women?

Watch our 30 second video telling the story of Global Women, a non-profit membership organisation that has been driving diversity in leadership in Aotearoa New Zealand for ten years.


Our Kaupapa

Global Women’s mission is to catalyse New Zealand’s social and economic success by championing diversity in leadership.

Our dream is for New Zealand to be the best country to live, work and play; a prosperous nation underpinned by diverse leadership.

Our purpose is to increase diversity in leadership in Aotearoa New Zealand through promoting, encouraging and facilitating the development of women.

We want to see New Zealand’s ethnic diversity represented in leadership across the country with Māori represented and recognised as our country’s first people.

Our kaupapa is intrinsically linked to our Trust Objectives which can be viewed here.

Who we are and what we do

Global Women is proud to partner with and support some of New Zealand’s most ambitious organisations, who are committed to driving increased diversity and inclusion in their workplaces.

Over 350 Global Women members, recognised for their ability to influence and impact, advocate for diversity, equality and leadership.

Our Breakthrough Leaders and Activate leadership programmes have catapulted forwards the careers of over 400 women. Our Champions for Change Partners, Chairs and CEOs of major New Zealand businesses committed to diversity and inclusion, represent more than 100,000 employees.

And thousands of people have attended Global Women events. We also provide research, information and advice for those who wish to join us in speaking out for positive change.

Our Board
Our Team