Global Women Announce New Partnership with JBWere New Zealand

We are delighted to announce Global Women’s new partnership with JBWere New Zealand, a leading wealth manager dedicated to purposefully enacting sustainable change and prosperity.

For generations, JBWere NZ has been delivering investment solutions to women. The firm offers a specialised service focusing on Women’s Wealth, and is seeking to explore further opportunities to support financial education and advice for women.

“With this partnership I see an opportunity to drive positive organisational change and demonstrate our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion,” says Craig Patrick, JBWere NZ CEO and newest member of our Champions of Change.

Over the past two years, the number of JBWere NZ’s financial advisors who are women has grown to 25%. At the end of the last financial year, a full pay equity review was conducted to ensure all staff were paid appropriately. Subsequently, the firm has established a target pay equity ratio between of 0.9-1.1 at each level of the organisation.

The new partnership with Global Women will further enable JBWere NZ’s commitment to supporting pay equity and the representation of women across all levels of staff. It will also assist the firm in exploring how it can best support women in their respective roles.

Global Women offers the opportunity for partners to connect with like-minded organisations, share best practices, and access a wealth of resources aimed at promoting the professional development of women.

“Engaging with other leaders and influencers in the Global Women network fosters valuable connections,” says Craig.

Supporting team wellbeing, providing opportunities, and creating an inclusive, equitable culture is foundational to realising the vision of JBWere NZ’s sustainability strategy. We are looking forward to supporting the firm in delivering on this commitment to its people and the communities they serve.

“Being part of this network allows me to tap into diverse perspectives, enriching the decision-making process and contributing to the long-term success and sustainability of our firm,” says Craig.

“Joining Global Women represents a proactive step toward shaping a more equitable and successful future for both the firm and our leadership.”