Membership Criteria



She is in a leadership role in her area of expertise.

She may be a CEO, non-executive director, iwi or cultural leader, senior executive, partner, founder, entrepreneur or known expert (such as an acclaimed author, scientist or artist).

She may have received official recognition (awards, titles) for her work and achievements.




She will have broad influence.

She may use her influential leadership position to reach people outside her organisation.

She may sit on boards or associations or hold other positions of leadership or influence outside of her core career interests.

She may be invited to attend and speak at events that impact people beyond her current organisation or industry.

She may have a following of an influential few (beyond her organisation), or a broad group of many – or both.

She may have international associations and insights that benefit our work in New Zealand.




She uses her influence to catalyse progress for New Zealand women.

She actively uses her influence in politics, business, NGOs, iwi or cultural organisations, and/or the media to impact, encourage and facilitate the development of New Zealand women to increase diversity in leadership.

She may have initiated projects, actions or process changes that show impact in terms of improving gender and/or ethnic balance in the workplace (or have plans that show demonstrable investment towards these goals).

She may educate others (women and men) on the benefits of diversity of thought and experience.

She may collaborate with other senior leaders to move New Zealand women into positions of leadership by developing their professional capabilities, competencies and skills.

She may be a go-to person for the media on the topics of diversity and inclusion.

She may use her social media reach to champion diversity and inclusion.


Equal access to membership will be provided for all those sincerely identifying and living as a woman.

Voice & Visibility

There are certain commitments that connect all Global Women members, including championing diverse leadership in New Zealand, and using voice and visibility to achieve our trust objectives and purpose.

Global Women members commit to speaking up and visibly supporting the development and inclusion of women in leadership. These commitments may include, but are not limited to:

What are we looking for?

We are looking for women with demonstrable influence in advocating for a diverse and inclusive New Zealand, and a commitment to supporting other women in their leadership aspirations. It is important to us that our membership not only champions diversity, but represents it, too. We welcome new members from all parts of the country and globally, across all sectors, of any sexual preference or identity, of all physical abilities, and from any ethnic background.

To become a member you need to be nominated by an existing Global Women member. You can check if you know any existing members by browsing the directory.


Browse the Member Directory

Nominate a member

If you have a woman in mind, please follow these steps to making a nomination:

  1. Determine for yourself if she meets our criteria – potential members must be prepared to show evidence of advocacy and impact in regards to diversity and female leadership, beyond the requirements of her current role.
  2. Speak with her about Global Women, so that she has a full understanding of our purpose, activities and the benefits of joining us.
  3. Ensure that she is aware of the $500 + GST annual membership fee.
  4. If she would like to be nominated to become a member, the application is easy to fill out online.
  5. All nominees must be nominated by a current member that can attest to their vision and commitment to increasing diversity in leadership in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Nominations are now open, and close on Friday 30th August 2024 at 5pm

Nominate a Member


Who can act as a nominator?
All new members must be nominated by a current member that can attest to their vision and commitment to increasing diversity in leadership in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Does any supporting information need to be provided along with the nomination?
All required information should be completed as part of the submission form. No additional documentation is required unless specifically requested.

Who assesses the nomination?
The Global Women membership committee reviews all nominations against the membership criteria. Nominees and/or nominators may be contacted for further information during the review process.

When are decisions announced?
The Global Women board meets in 5 times a year to make decisions on nominations received. Nominees and nominators will be advised of the exact meeting date and will receive news of the decision within 2 weeks after the meeting.

What does it cost to become a member?
There is no application cost, however there is an annual membership fee of $500 + GST that covers 1 April – 31 March. The initial membership fee will be charged on a pro-rated basis and invoices are issued once nominations have been approved by the membership committee.

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