Haere mai. Welcome.Champions for Change is a group of over 80 leading CEOs and Chairs, each with a personal mission to accelerate inclusive and diverse leadership in our workplaces.

Champions believe in inclusive environments where employees can contribute to the success of the company as their authentic selves, while the organisation respects and leverages their unique talents and gives them a sense of connectedness.


Our Kaupapa. Our Commitments.

As Champions for Change, we are committed to achieving excellence in four drivers of inclusive and diverse workplaces. These are the foundations for our individual action, and collective group impact. Together we:

Increase Gender Diversity

We build the case for change and communicate the value of inclusion and diversity.

Increase Māori and Ethnic Diversity

We commit to holding ourselves accountable, internally and externally, for change.

Lead Inclusive Cultures

We lead work cultures that are inclusive and flexible, so individuals can flourish.

Influence the Outside World

We support and develop pathways to promote diversity in leadership.

How Champions for Change works

Champions for Change is Co-Chaired by two elected Champions – currently Antonia Watson, CEO ANZ Bank New Zealand, and Matthew Prichard, Executive Chairman KPMG.

Global Women works at multiple tiers throughout each partner organisation, to deliver on the initiatives outlined by the Champions as well as supporting the broader diversity agenda within organisations.

Together the Champions have formulated a programme of work centred on four focus areas: Increasing Gender Diversity, Increasing Māori and Ethnic Diversity, Leading Inclusive Cultures and Influencing the Outside World.

Who are we?


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