Ka huri te kei o te waka ki te pae tawhiti

kia hoe ngātahi ki te pae tata

ki te whai ao ki te ao mārama


The waka turns towards the distant horizon

Let us make headway and paddle as one through

the glimmer of dawn to break of day

Across the last decade Global Women thought leaders have long advocated for practical and targeted strategies and policy reform to address the multiple and complex barriers to women’s progression and economic security.  Global Women continues that legacy as a mirror of today and an invitation to imagine tomorrow with provocation and courage.

The invitation to be part of the Breakthrough Leaders Programme is a frontier of self-determination. We have designed a programme that is distinctive for the infusion of intergenerational aspirations, like a patch work quilt, iteratively stitching together the wins of the past the intelligence of the present, the knowing of the future to be more than the sum of parts.

The implicit challenge is to temporarily displace everything we know about organisational and leadership principles and models so that our imaginations are unconstrained.  The explicit challenge is to understand how the past, present and future precedents can be interpreted, embodied and encoded within an organisational form.

Turning up the volume relies on us asking ourselves poignant questions that none of us yet know the answers to, debating perspectives and trusting in ourselves.  These questions endeavour to discern deeply practical insight from the past, present, future precedents, which may transpose directly to redesigning our organisational form, not at all or require some degree of bespoke fusion with other knowledge and practices.

Nation-builders intentionally engage in building organisations that will endure for generations, that are derived from templates, knowledge and values that create a context in which self-determination can and does flourish.

The Programme

“Be an exceptional Futurist”

We have navigated uncertainty many times, the resources and tools might be different, but strength of mind grit and determination will see us live well. This will need people, mindsets and capabilities to navigate the challenges and conceive what new might look like. To create leaders of the future, we need to challenge our leaders to think differently.

• Openness to new possibilities outside of our individual knowledge sets and considering options beyond the status quo
• Diverse capabilities adept at driving and coping with change as a constant – leading without a rule book
• Greater courage to make tough decisions and manage expectations around future local and global challenges
• Enough shared understanding of both purpose and commerce along with the associated possibilities and constraints.

Join us on this journey of discovery, alongside influential thought leaders, you will be immersed in regional national and international settings of meaning: Waitangi, Wellington, Christchurch, Auckland and Samoa.

What does success look like?

• Through lived experiences, strengthened cultural competency to support leading inclusively – with a foundation in Te Ao Māori
• Connections and shared learnings to evolve boldness and courage
• Individual and collective power to do good for Aotearoa
• Be inspired and equipped to be agents of change
• A stronger innovative and agile leadership tool kit


Investment: $29,500 + GST

Wāhine who:


Programme Dates and Navigating Themes to guide your experiences


“Boldness has genius, power and magic in it” – Goethe

Get in touch

We are now taking applications for Breakthrough Leaders 2024! Spaces are limited to 30.

Contact us directly if you are interested in the 2024 cohort – chantelle.lincoln@globalwomen.org.nz

These are our stories

Last year we marked 10 years of Women in Leadership celebrating 10 years of breakthrough leaders. The Breakthrough Leaders legacy has seen significant growth in the number of women in leadership roles in business, government, community, and the not-for-profit sector. 


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We have an exceptional alumnae of Breakthrough Leaders that are reflective of both the Global Women vision and success. 


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