International Women’s Day: The Other 364 Days

For more than a century people have celebrated International Women’s Day on 8th March. It is an opportunity to re-focus on issues that particularly affect women.

Of course here at Global Women we take action towards accelerating gender balance on the other 364 days of the year too. If International Women’s Day 2019 has inspired you to drive change year-round, we suggest three ways you can get involved as an ambassador for diversity.


A new campaign from Champions for Change asks the question ‘How unconscious is your bias?’ in a series of lighthearted 15 second videos. Here’s one of them:

We encourage you to share the videos through your LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter profiles to help spread the message far and wide. To make it simple, we’ve even put together some posts that you can share directly:

How do you interrupt when a female colleague is making a point?
#NZChampionsforChange #itsnotthathard  #unconsciousbias

What do you say to a woman who’s fully qualified but wants to undertake a job that’s commonly considered to be better suited to a man?
#NZChampionsforChange #itsnotthathard  #unconsciousbias

What do you ask when interviewing a woman who is perfect for the role, but is statistically likely to consider having a baby in the next three years?
#NZChampionsforChange #itsnotthathard  #unconsciousbias



Registrations are now open for Activate, a leadership development programme that inspires high-potential women to move from emerging to game-changing leader.
If you know a woman who could benefit from the programme, why not encourage them to apply?


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