Introducing our new Entrepreneur Leadership Programme

We’re proud to announce that we’re launching a first-of-its-kind program in Aotearoa New Zealand in a mission to increase opportunity and growth for women-led businesses across the country: our Entrepreneurs Leadership Programme.

Women entrepreneurs are at the forefront of innovation, pioneering new frontiers and building legacies in healthcare, high tech, beauty, education, agriculture and banking — and we’re here to supercharge them.

Global Women is uniquely positioned to deliver a world-class programme with a proud legacy of Women in Leadership, a Membership of 400 women and partnerships with some of the NZ largest private and public organisations who employ their influence and impact to build a gender equitable and prosperous Āotearoa New Zealand.

The programme is designed to empower and develop the talent of New Zealand’s next generation of female-led enterprises as they move from the start-up to scale-up stage. Key is the experiential learning through shared insights from some of Āotearoa’s most successful entrepreneurs including Global Women Chair Theresa Gattung, Global Women members Cecilia Robinson, Carmen Vicelich, Ranjna Patel, Miriama Kamo and Katherine Corich.

Global Women invites women from all over Āotearoa to join us, as we together disrupt business models, break industry norms, and coach the next generation of innovators.


There are limited places, please get in touch with before August 25. 


“Globally, only 2% of venture capital is going to female entrepreneurs and this needs to change,” says Theresa Gattung, Global Women Chair.

“There is an immense talent pool of female leaders in this country that have the brains, guts and drive to be fronting Āotearoa’s next billion-dollar businesses. This programme is about supporting entrepreneurial conditions for women to succeed. When we do this as a country, we will reap the returns of cultivating all of New Zealand’s business talent.  

Cecilia Robinson, a member of Global Women and facilitator on this programme says: “Entrepreneurs, will play a critical role in helping New Zealand towards recovery, because it is the entrepreneurs that will find the opportunities and grow the opportunities. By doing this, they’ll create new businesses and provide new jobs.   

This programme is for women that have already cut their teeth as a start-up and now are ready to scale up — whether it’s readying for funding rounds, a move to expand sales abroad or expanding their service offer, this programme is for female leaders that are ready to take that next step in their business and corresponding leadership growth.”

Learn more about the Entrepreneurs Leadership Programme here.