The Women Winners We Don’t See

Awards season is officially upon us, and we’re proud to see our Member, Jo Cribb, former Chief Executive of Ministry for Women, share her thoughts on some considerations to keep in mind during these fun, festive times of celebrations.

Jo Cribb is uncomfortable with women’s leadership awards that are only for some women. She explains why in a thought provoking piece published on, examining how the rationale behind redefining leadership in women’s awards spaces is sound — yet she still has questions about these awards.

“So my challenge to award organisers is to ensure this good intent translates into impact.” – Jo Cribb

  • Are these awards based on narrow views of leadership?
  • Are the models of these award galas justifiable?
  • Do they always achieve the impact they seek?

These questions, as well as the feeling of questioning these well-meaning awards in itself are all explored thoughtfully and insightfully by Jo in her full opinion piece HERE.