Ministry for Women’s Stocktake of Gender and Ethnic Diversity on Public Sector Boards and Committees

Influence can come from anywhere in an organisation — although it’s important to remember that senior leadership and directors still have an important part to play when it comes to steering the diversity ship and setting the tone for the whole organisation.

The Ministry of Women‘s 2020 stocktake of Gender, Maori, Pacific, and Ethnic Diversity on public sector boards and committees is showing reasons to celebrate, as well as reasons to level up our approach to diversity as a nation.

While it’s terrific to see that women’s representation on public sector boards and committees has reached an all-time high of 50.9%, the same data shows that, where ethnic diversity is concerned, there’s still work to do.

Here are the key statistics on Ethnic representation on public sector boards and committees:

  • 71.4% are European
  • 22.3% are Maori
  • 5.4% are Pacific
  • 4.0% are Asian

As for the women board chairs by ethnicity? NZ European women hold 84.9 of chairs, compared to 0.0% Asian women, 0.8% MELAA Women (Middle-Eastern, Latin American and African), 4.8 Pacific Women and 12.7 Wahine Maori.

“I encourage diverse representation on public sector boards and committees so that decision-makers on these government boards have the relevant skills and expertise, as well as reflect the ethnic, cultural and religious vibrancy of our country.” — Hon Jan Tinetti, Minister for Women

Download your copy of the Ministry for Women’s Full Report HERE