An Olympian’s Guide to Workplace Health

“Try as we might, we cannot fully separate our wellbeing from our professional performance.”  – Jack Green

The Olympics are officially underway. Along with the programmed celebrations of incredible sportspeople, this year’s games see another well-deserved discussion taking place within the arena: that of personal, mental wellbeing and its effect on personal performance.

We know how crucial personal wellbeing is to professional and organisational settings, and how this underpins prosperous, equitable workplaces. So is it time to take a leaf out of an athletes’ book?

HR NZ Magazine talks to Jack Green, Double Olympian and Head of Performance at Champion Health, and gathers some interesting insights that we can incorporate into our performance and wellbeing resource kete.

Focusing on the person — before the professional — is one such way to set a solid foundation for high performance. As for measuring our success? Flipping our metrics and measuring effort, not results is a way of judging your consistency and overall progress — not simply the peaks that come with achieving big ticket-to-do-list items.

Also in the athlete’s toolbox for resilience and personal wellbeing are finding your ‘why’, rethinking elements about failing and changing the conversation to ‘fail forwards’ and controlling the controllables, as well the power of vulnerability in harnessing the feelings from different experiences.

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