Five Myths on Unconscious Bias – and How to Tackle the Issue

Myths about unconscious bias are about as prevalent as unconscious bias itself.

To help us stamp out any beliefs about bias that might be holding our teams, organisations and industries back, Human Resources Director Magazine NZ has put together some pocket-sized pointers on this.

Their article unpacks 5 common misconceptions:

  • 1. We don’t need to worry any more about conscious bias or bigotry
  • 2. I don’t have any unconscious biases
  • 3. I know what my unconscious biases are
  • 4. Since everyone’s biased, we can move on from that tired conversation about racism/sexism, etc
  • 5. Since unconscious bias is unconscious, there’s nothing I can do about it

“The real key to progress in tackling unconscious bias lies in embedding. A ‘one and done’ training approach does not work. Keeping that conversation alive – and creating an environment where we call in clearly biased statements and actions – is essential.”

For helpful tips and tricks to tackle unconscious bias, click here.