Your D&I strategy in 2020

To help kickstart your 2020 D&I strategy we’ve collated our top articles from 2019. Moving through 2020 our collective whakapapa to drive diversity in leadership will continue. Refresh your vision for diversity and inclusion with our diversity, flexibility and leadership stories and tools.

  1. Keeping women in the pipeline

    We can all positively impact the numbers of women remaining in the pipeline and progression to senior roles. Read more to find out how having a ‘relatable roles model’ can impact decision-making and the importance of flexible working in retaining top talent.

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  2. Five ways to improve inclusivity in the workplace

    Find out five things leaders can do to make their workplace more inclusive to improve employee diversity.

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  3. Ethnic diversity equals business success

    Find out how your business can benefit from being ethnically diverse and examples of organisations that are succeeding at this.

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  4. Five steps to flexible working

    What do leaders need to be aware of when implementing a flexible working policy that works for them and their people? We sat down with Getaflex CEO Amy Prebble to find out.

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  5. Diversity & inclusion factsheet

    To successfully achieve diversity in leadership at your organisation you need a strategy and a plan of action. Download our factsheet to get started.

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  6. Recruiting for diversity

    Here are four ways companies can stay a step ahead by recruiting for diverse talent — Managing Director of Hays New Zealand, Adam Shapley tells us how.

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  7. The importance of sharing parental leave

    Less than 2% of dads take parental leave in New Zealand. When we actively promote men and women as equal carers, we have the opportunity to narrow the gender pay gap, boost workplace productivity and support parents to achieve both their family and work goals. Read more about our Kiwi Dads campaign.