Congratulations to our Partners who have won Employers of Choice 2020 Awards

In a year that’s seen no shortage of shake-ups and constant disruptions in workplace structures and cultures, we’re proud to see four of our Global Women Partners be recognised for their successful efforts and initiatives in this years Employer Of Choice 2020 awards. It’s an honour to celebrate BNZ, Chorus, Deloitte and Genesis’ continued efforts in providing prosperous environments and initiatives for their workforce.

Hosted by Human Resources Director, the Employers of Choice 2020 awards are designed to reflect and recognise the outstanding initiatives put in place by companies to encourage personal employee development, advancement and positive workplace cultures and experiences.


BNZ has recently launched their Banker Career Accreditation Pathway, which enables frontline bankers to learn and gain accreditation as they progress in their careers. It was developed in order to facilitate career progression through intuitive, digital learning that allows staff to take ownership of their career. The programme contains 7 levels, to progress within when they’re ready. Each step of the way provides different levels of learning, accreditation as well as transparent salary increase benefits that are applied as the levels are completed. 


With a strong belief that everyone has potential for individual leadership responsibility, Chorus’ impressive portfolio of leadership programmes has landed them as Employer of Choice in 2020. They recognise the vast layers of leadership across their organisation, and have geared L&D initiatives to suit all levels of seniority and departments, from executive leaders to the frontline managers. 

With an impressive 55% of their Learning & Development budget invested into these growth opportunities and developing leadership potential, their programmes include: 

  • L.E.A.D. Programme: a six-month online and on-site modular programme for frontline managers to build strong teams, and help them align their employee’s goals with the corporate vision.
  • Future Shaper: how to trust and deepen stakeholder relationships, by translating Chorus’ strategy into meaningful external action.
  • My Genius Within: a two-day personal leadership development programme that enables staff to identify their purpose and personal career and growth goals, then equipping them with practical strategies and tools to execute these.

The initiatives extend beyond the programmes through their focus on ongoing virtual ‘pitstops’ and one-on-one coaching for continuous learning. 


An avant-garde approach to remuneration is one of the contributing factors to their recognition as an Employer of Choice in 2020. In 2017, they were among some of the first local companies to create a thorough approach to managing pay equity. Since then, they’ve reduced their pay equity gap to being 1.1.% currently, and have also become leaders in providing other companies with approaches to do the same. This year, Genesis is examining what their people need to be future ready, what skills and mindsets are needed to adapt to changes in technology, their roles, and their greater organisation. 


Deloitte has many existing awards and accolades for efforts in diversity and improving workplace culture for their employees. Their ALL IN umbrella strategy has introduced a number of ways to include women at senior levels, which has spurred a raft of initiatives to facilitate a more flexible, inclusive, modern working style. This has included reworking their parental leave to extend paid leave, and focus on shared care and implementing a Lifestyle Leave policy that extends upon their Flexible working policy. Deloitte also facilitates an internal Women in Leadership Programme, a recruiting strategy aimed at improving outcomes for recruiting diverse teams and a ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ Dashboard which provides extensive quarterly reporting ot the management on indicators like the gender pay gap and attrition rates.


About Ava Wardecki – Ava channels her love of storytelling into writing and as a director of a social media company. With a background in corporate branding, social media and public relations and a conjoint Marketing and Public Relations degree from AUT and HEC Paris, she’s worked across corporate, fashion, lifestyle and hospitality industries. Paris born and Auckland raised and a keen traveller, she’s passionate about how understanding and creating cultures that can inspire and evoke change.