A statement from Global Women

“The Global Women community were shocked and appalled by Simon Henry’s statements regarding Nadia Lim and My Food Bag.

“It’s incredibly saddening that this attitude towards women in business exists, let alone in our backyard and is directed towards one of Aotearoa’s most successful entrepreneurial wahine.

“It’s dismissive, racist, misogynist rhetoric like this that acts as toxic sludge to our cause. Whether in the public eye or behind closed doors, these types of comments and attitudes block the veins of growth, understanding and progression in our business community – and put us steps back in the work we are working so hard to leap forward and improve.

“Global Women firmly believe that the future of a prosperous New Zealand business community is rooted in diverse leadership, which is underpinned by our leaders embracing the power of inclusion.

“Simon’s comments were completely aberrant, but our society will never move forward unless we provide the opportunity and tools for people to expand their perspectives. With this in mind, we would like to extend an invitation to Simon for a korero with Global Women, to support his journey to becoming a more inclusive leader.”

Agnes Naera, CEO of Global Women