Agnes Naera

Chief Executive, Global Women

Agnes Naera Global Women Chief Executive, leans strongly into amplifying the importance of diversity and inclusion and advancing the aspirations of Māori and Pacific people. She is purposeful in her mentorship of emerging female leaders particularly early career academics and professionals.

Agnes is a trustee for a number of charities with a special interest in unleashing the potential of young people to enable them to ‘be the change they want to see’ in Aotearoa NZ. She brings a wealth of experience from her professional, community roles while drawing from her lived reality of her hapu, iwi Ngāpuhi experience.

In the words of Sir James Henare ‘maha rawa wa tatou mahinga te kore mai tonu, tawhiti rawa to tatou haerenga te kore haere tonu’ (we have done too much not to do more, we have come too far to not go further).