Theresa Gattung and Agnes Naera on the business of being a woman | Canvas

We’re all familiar with the idea that can’t be what we can’t see.

In the spirit of this years’ #BreakTheBias campaign, our Chair Theresa Gattung and CEO Agnes Naera, two trailblazing wahine in their own rights, caught up with Joanna Wane of’s Canvas to shed some light on their outlook, learnings, inspiring careers and experiences — bias very much included.

In sharing these bold and reflective stories, our wāhine toa shared and where #breakthebias stands and what’s needed to exponentially shift the dial.

Between rethinking power, the intersection and identities of culture, looking at whether attitudes are changing or shifting underground, no conversational stone was overturned. Reclaiming indegenous ideas of ownership, the power and challenges of Māori women, disrupting the venture capital model here in New Zealand, the new generation of women trailblazers, and becoming “equal partners in the ecosystem” of investment capital — it’s all explored.

“There has to be a new way of working. What got us here isn’t going to get us where we need to go next. And as the balance of power shifts, we need to look closely at the loss and grievance of those who’ve been in those dominant roles and walk them through it somehow, because they’re going to have to find a new place” — Agnes Naera

“Women need to not be complacent or take what we’ve got for granted but stand in our power and call it out if we think things are backsliding, and keep electing governments that continue to make progress. If women don’t use their voice and money to support other women, no one else will” — Theresa Gattung

Read the full interview with Theresa and Agnes over on Canvas’ website here.