How to ensure women-led ventures are fairly funded

Have you heard about SheEO?

GW Member Theresa Gattung is behind the launch of SheEO in New Zealand, the first time it has been launched outside the US and Canada.

SheEO is a disruptive economic model created by Vicki Saunders of SheEO.World  designed to actively support a small number of women-led ventures with no-interest loans.


How does it work? 

You can be an Activator or a Venture or both!  (Although Venture applications have closed in NZ.)

Basically 500 female Activators in NZ, through an act of radical generosity, contribute $1,100 each ($1, 000 invested to create a perpetual fund and $100 as a program fee) to create a funding pool of $500,000.  Activators are corporate executives, successful entrepreneurs, emerging women leaders, students, mothers, grandmothers, daughters ranging in age from 14 – 92. The diversity of age, stage, culture and experience makes SheEO a highly coveted and unique community.

To become an Activator, visit:


The second part of the model is about the Ventures.

The 500 Activators vote to select the top 5 Ventures out of all those that have applied (we had 106 apply in NZ).  The money is then loaned out at no interest to those ventures chosen and paid back over a five year period creating a perpetual fund for our daughters, nieces, granddaughters for years to come. Selected Ventures not only get the funding but access to mentoring, women’s networks, buying power and expertise to grow their business.

Take a look at Theresa talking to Corin Dann on Q&A and on Seven Sharp.


SheEO is transforming how we finance, support and celebrate women-led ventures that are creating a better world.  Are you IN?