Hay’s Guide on Upskilling When Working from Home

Training and upskilling is the investment that keeps our diversity pipelines strong. Despite the disruptions of lockdown, working from home doesn’t have to mean your personal or organisation’s training and development efforts need to slip to the wayside. Our recruitment specialist partners, Hays, have some pointers on how to keep upskilling when working from home to keep us inspired and enlightened: 


  • Access any training and development resources that your employer offers:

    If your organisation’s offered training and development programmes previously sat in the ‘not enough time basket,’ perhaps now is the time to make the most of the opportunities. Employees who regularly undertake training and development are frequently higher-performing, more productive, more innovative and more satisfied — not to mention, they are also likely to stay with an organisation for longer.


  • Read the top business books:

    Whether it’s becoming a better leader or more effective in business, business books can equip you with the information and inspiration to help.


  • Listen to podcasts:

    Almost always free and available on almost any topic, they’re a great way of passively listening and learning.


  • Attend virtual events, conferences and webinars:

    With many existing events taking their gatherings to a virtual platform at this time, there are still opportunities to connect, network, listen and learn. One such event that we’re hosting is the Global Women Webinar, The powerful truth about Māori leadership on September 10

  • Keep in touch with your mentor virtually:

    A great mentor can change your career for the better, but a carefully nurtured relationship is key to maintain. Whether it’s a Zoom catch up, an email to share a milestone, learning or token of gratitude — it all counts.

  • Take an online course on a topic relevant to you:

    There are many courses—free and paying—that can help you upskill wherever you may need it. See Hay’s full list of learning platforms and resources in the original article here.


  • Try brain training apps:

    Designed to help you control harmful emotions and develop your memory, sharpness and resilience, apps like ReliefLink, Happify or Lumosity, could be worth trying right now. Now is an ideal time to create a solid foundation for your brain health and thinking patterns.


  • Learn to use and master new technology:

    Disruption is touted as the mother of invention, so why not use this time to get stuck into using a new, useful technology? A good start is looking at the existing platforms you use, to understand the additional features and capabilities it offers you.


  • Learn how to work from home productively:

    There are ups and downs of working from home. These can be structuring your day like you would in an office, starting work early, having a dedicated workspace — and will be different for everyone.


  • Get into the routine of upskilling at home:

    They say habits are the backbones of our success, so carving out and solidifying one from home that supports upskilling is key. Aside from day to day tasks, try incorporating even 30 minutes of some days to help you self improve in some way. 


Read the full insights and tips from Hay’s on their blog HERE.