Introducing Stephany, our Membership & Marketing Assistant, and her journey to Global Women.


Introducing the latest addition to the Global Women team, Stephany Balogh! We’re pleased to announce Stephany has joined us as our Membership & Marketing Assistant and is the go-to for all things membership-related and more. 

To celebrate this move, we joined in kōrero with Stephany to hear more about her, what inspires her and her work here at Global Women. 

We’re also proud to share more about the journey that led Stephany to Global Women. We’ve spoken at large about the power of deliberate recruiting, so we’re excited to explore the women-focused recruitment platform, HIRE HER, which connected Stephany to her new role with us.

Founded by Priscilla Chand, HIRE HER is a digital recruitment platform on a mission to help connect businesses of all sizes to professional women. Drawing on Priscilla’s own experience as a working mother and woman of colour, the platform also embraces an intersectional lense and dot-connects for roles which offer the likes of flexible working.

Members, you’ll no doubt be in touch with Stephany — if you haven’t already. Until then, please enjoy this Q&A to get to know her more!


Tell us about yourself, Stephany

Originally from Jaffna, Sri Lanka of Sri Lankan Tamil heritage, however due to the war, my family and I were lucky to be sponsored by my uncle to New Zealand and it’s been my home since the mid 90’s. I grew up in a humble home in North Shore, Auckland, where a tertiary education was encouraged. Hence, I’ve obtained a Bachelor of Commerce degree from The University of Auckland, double majoring in Marketing, Innovation and Entrepreneurship and my working experiences reflect that plus administration. Within the past couple of years, I was given a second chance of becoming a mum after losing my first son 6 years ago. It’s been a journey like no other and I’ve been enjoying all the moments with my now toddler. 

What inspires you the most about the work you do at Global Women? 

I’m inspired by the empathy and understanding the team at Global Women have for a mother, who as a diverse background that’s heading back into the workforce after few years. The pandemic and becoming a mum during it has certainly changed me. There has been no judgement from the team while I’ve been getting back on my feet, whether it’s when I’ve been trying to understand the role or having anxiety meeting new people. These may seem like small gestures, but it made a big difference to my ability and confidence to complete the work. More so, how it’s helping me reconnect with my old self.

What inspires you in life? 

My family and goals are what inspires me in life. I was raised to be family orientated and it’s been the core to many of my goals growing up. Now that I have my own little family the goals have evolved too. It’s how I can be the best version of myself to be the best mother, wife, daughter, sister(in-law) or aunty and to provide them with everything to grow together as a whole. 

What’s something about you that people might not know? 

I’ve been running a lifestyle and beauty blog for 4 years over on Instagram called Beauty of Shades, where I’m also a content creator and product photographer. Through my work here, I’m a volunteer charity ambassador for Bare Necessities Charity, who provide pregnancy and postpartum donations across Āotearoa with the sole focus on mothers’ needs. 

What drew you to HIRE HER? 

Priscilla Chand, the founder of HIRE HER, with her passion and drive to help women and mothers resonated with me on a deep level. I’ve been connected with her since she began her journey with HIRE HER. I’ve witnessed her highs and lows, but she had purpose and an important story to be shared being a woman of colour and a mother. It’s a story I love myself and could relate to. It’s a story of humanity that is often lost within the job hiring process. This drew me to want to be part of that vision that is HIRE HER. 

Why was it important to you to use a female-focused hiring site like HIRE HER? 

It wasn’t just important that it was a female-focused hiring site, but one where mothers’ skills and needs were valued as well as diversity being embraced. Many women have the ability and skills to do the work, but usually are undervalued and dismissed due to them being mothers. Not to mention being a woman of colour itself comes with challenges of its own. HIRE HER broke all these barriers that many women like me would have faced. Instead, it opened a path of opportunities that I otherwise wouldn’t have ever been given a chance.