Reimagining Diversity at Genesis

Three out of eight of Genesis Energy’s executive leadership team are women but CEO and Champion for Change, Marc England, says that gender diversity was not a conscious plan. What was conscious, however, was a desire to have different perspectives represented and a range of experience around the table.  Valuing people for the different skills they bring naturally results in a more diverse team.


“While gender diversity was at the back of my mind, it wasn’t the only factor in senior recruitment at Genesis last year. In hiring a new Executive Team, I was looking for diversity generally, particularly from a skill set and experience perspective.

Also relevant were diversity factors of age; we range from our thirties to fifties and global experience; we hail from three countries and have worked in 12 countries across multiple industries. It also happened that of the four new Executive team members, two were men and two were women.

Having diversity of thought amongst decision makers makes great business sense – and is something we can continue to improve and prioritise as an organisation. Choosing the best people for the roles available and seeking a range of viewpoints results in a high performing team who are more likely to challenge the status quo and evolve the organisation.”


* Three women and five men sit on the Genesis Board, our Executive Officers have the same split and in senior management there are 25 men and 17 women. Company-wide we are 55% male, 45% female.