Introducing Diversity Works’ Aotearoa Inclusivity Matrix

Measurable and actionable goals are key to a successful D&I strategy. Diversity Works’ has created a new tool to help all organisations with this, which is both an insightful starting point and a execution tool for diversty success.

Introducing the Aotearoa Inclusivity Matrix (AIM): a tool to help organisations assess their existing levels of workplace diversity, equity and inclusion. It’s a national framework designed to help organisations gain a greater understanding of your current capabilities as well as identify the areas for improvement — all while supporting you by providing the information needed to create a transformational roadmap.


Benefits for workplaces

Engaging with the Aotearoa Inclusivity Matrix allows organisations to:

  • Understand what good looks like when it comes to workplace diversity, inclusion and equity (DEI)
  • Benchmark the maturity of their DEI journey against other organisations in their sector or workplaces with similar characteristics (size, location etc)
  • Identify and analyse gaps in current practices
  • Create a pathway to shift the organisation through the matrix maturity levels
  • Priortise investment in their DEI journey


Read more on Diversity Works’ AIM hrough there website here:

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