How inclusive do New Zealand workplaces feel?

Global Women Inclusive Workplace Cultures Report 2018

Inclusive cultures good for business, employees more engaged and productive

Respondents yearn for moral leaders, merit-based practices


Executive summary

Global Women and Deloitte have worked together to conduct research about inclusive cultures in New Zealand workplaces.

Inclusion in the workplace is significant, because people who feel a sense of value and belonging in the workplace are more engaged and productive. Correspondingly, the more included people feel the better the better they report the business is performing.

Inclusion scores were significantly higher in organisations: with merit-based processes for performance management, promotion and pay, and where senior leaders speak up and challenge the status quo.

Millennials, who currently make up a third of New Zealand’s workforce, are feeling the lowest levels of inclusion.

The report makes recommendations to improve HR policies, practices and policies, to set a strong tone at the top, and to ensure that millennials have a voice to influence the inclusiveness of their workplaces.

The findings are based on the views of more than 700 employees in New Zealand across more than 100 organisations. The survey was conducted in May and June 2018, and followed up with focus groups. The data was analysed using the Deloitte inclusion model.