Champions for Change publishes 2018 progress report

It is with tremendous pleasure that we open year three of the Champions for Change programme with the launch of our Progress Report.


Champions for Change was formed with a shared vision to achieve a new generation of diverse leaders driving New Zealand’s economic growth and social prosperity. The report summarises the results, progress, and initiatives that the Champions continue to lead, with tangible outputs that demonstrate a commitment to diversity and inclusion (D&I) that goes beyond the rhetoric.

Representing almost 100,000 direct employees in New Zealand, each of the 56 CEOs and Chairs who are committed as Champions for Change across 44 private and public sector organisations, in their way, approaches diversity and inclusion as a personal mission.

Each Champion has committed to lead change from the top, to hold themselves, and key management and leaders within their business, accountable for diversity performance objectives. This report, consistent with the Champions for Change commitment to transparency and accountability, summarises their collective actions and progress.

By coming together to share their efforts publicly, Champions are providing strong leadership to New Zealand organisations and across the New Zealand community. This report records their combined efforts across each of the four initially agreed workstreams:

Sharing the case for change:

Communicating the business value of inclusive and diverse work environments to our organisations, our sectors, and other business leaders

Creating measurement and accountability:

Holding ourselves accountable, internally and externally, for change

Mainstreaming inclusive and flexible work cultures:

Ensuring that our work cultures are inclusive and flexible, allowing individuals to bring their whole, authentic selves to work

Growing talent pools:

Investing in new initiatives to bring diverse people into our organisations and support their development into leaders within an inclusive culture


It is wonderful to see the significant work that has been undertaken within and outside of the Champion organisations. Our sincere thanks to the Champions who have shared their feedback and insights to build this report and who continue to show commitment to raising the value of diversity and inclusiveness throughout the wider business community. There is so much more we can and will do.

Champions for Change has great aspirations moving forward, and we look forward to building on the activities of the past two years.


Dame Jenny Shipley and David McLean

Co-Chairs, Champions for Change