Welcoming our new Development Director

We are delighted to announce the arrival of our new Global Women Development Director, Joanne Nicol.

Jo is an inspiring addition to the team, an award winner with a wealth of knowledge gleaned from over 25 years of Organisational Development.

Most recently, as Global Organisational Development Manager at Fletcher Building, Jo has lead culture and capability for 19,000 people in 40 countries. Her work in the development and design of leadership programmes was recognised at the Fortune 500 Awards, where her team won the Best Leadership Development International Category in 2015—the first time this prestigious award had been awarded to a New Zealand leadership development programme in it’s 36 year history.

In her new role, Jo will be designing, developing and leading Global Women’s pre-eminent leadership programmes, Breakthrough Leaders and Activate Leaders series.

Passionate about leadership development

In this world of complexity, we need leaders who can deal with ambiguity, paradox, and conflicting demands—while remaining present and mindful. Jo is passionate about developing leaders with these skills.

“To face the technology, political and social challenges we face, we need leaders to be living purposefully with clear values and connected with strong support networks. The Global Women leadership programmes deliver this.”

Working locally, thinking globally

As Global Women Development Director, Jo is looking to broaden her impact—taking her skills and experience to New Zealand’s most important organisations.

“I’m excited to help Global Women partnership organisations develop women leaders that truly meet their commercial and leadership realities. As a country, we’re known for our meat and dairy: what if we were known for developing premiere leaders in all facets of society?”

And she’s thinking big. ”I’d like to see the Breakthrough Leaders programme globally recognised in leadership development. Breakthrough Leaders is creative, innovative and dynamic—we’re discovering, experiencing, not just sitting in lecture halls or on pre-packaged tours.

Talking from experience

Jo is a Breakthrough Leaders Alumni, graduating in 2010, so she’s well placed to understand the transformative effect of the Global Women leadership development programmes.

“Breakthrough Leaders was a memory of a lifetime. It’s about finding your tribe, a group of women who are in a similar situation to you. It’s more than just a network—it’s about creating deep connections and confidence to prosper.

“The programme gave me the juice I needed to live my vision, crystallise my strengths, smarten up my executive presence and improve my ability to influence.”