This week: women in tech + male stereotypes

Stay up to date with the latest developments in the world of inclusivity and diversity in NZ and beyond with our curated round up of the week’s news.

Firms fighting over female tech talent


Just 27 per cent of girls and young women said they would consider a career in tech compared to 62 per cent of their male counterparts, according to research commissioned by PwC.

Improving the pipeline of female talent in the tech industry is important as tech businesses “increasingly find we are all fighting over the same women,” said Sheridan Ash of PwC.

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Gillette tackles toxic male stereotypes


Gillette’s latest advertisement – We Believe: The Best Men Can Be – is kicking up a media storm. The campaign aims to address issues including bullying, violence, and sexual harassment.

Why is it important? Men are talking more about how they feel, and in the same way that we no longer stereotype all women as either gentle and nurturing or weak and emotional, society is beginning to understand the harm caused by perpetuating myths like “boys don’t cry”.

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