This week: lack of women on boards ’embarrassing’ for NZ

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Lack of women on boards is ’embarrassing’ for NZ – Global Women


Figures released by the NZX show the percentage of women directors on listed company boards increased from 19.7 per cent to 22 per cent in 2018 – just four more women than in 2017. Global Women CEO Miranda Burdon says New Zealand’s slow progress in increasing the number of women on company boards is no longer just glacial – it’s embarrassing.


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Opinion: The importance of diversity in NZ

18 JANUARY 2019

The recently released 2018 citizenship data by the Department of Internal Affairs makes the striking point that new citizens to New Zealand came from 203 different countries. But an increasingly diverse society also brings its share of challenges, as we have witnessed in some other countries. Here’s how New Zealand can create a society that thrives because of the diversity of its people.


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Where are the women? Fire and Emergency wants more diversity in firefighters

19 JANUARY 2019

“We want the best people applying to reflect diversity in our community and right now we are not getting that,” Hawke’s Bay area commander Ken Cooper says. “We are not focusing purely on women, it is the best person for the role. However, we need to have a wide variety of people applying in order to select the best people.”


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Can Music Technology be Gender Biased?

29 JANUARY 2019

The release of a piece of audio gear “designed specially for females” has drawn allegations of sexism and condescension from the music tech community. RNZ Music looks at whether gender bias can affect even the tools used to make music.


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University of Otago leads in gender diverse options

17 JANUARY 2019

The University of Otago appears to be a trailblazer in the range of options it is offering students with diverse gender identities this year, including male, female, female-to-male transgender, male-to-female, and non-binary transgender.


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Interactive map shows Auckland’s most ethnically diverse suburbs

11 JANUARY 2019

A new interactive tool paints a detailed picture of Auckland’s fast-growing and increasingly diverse migrant population. It displays areas with high “ethnic origin diversity,” as well as suburbs with the largest concentrations of new migrants.


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WOMAD New Zealand 2019 Festival Schedule

31 JANUARY 2019

The timetable has been revealed for New Plymouth’s annual celebration of musical diversity from across the globe: WOMAD New Zealand.


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