Stand in Your Spotlight: Member Jenni Prisk on her new book

Our members are a constant source of inspiration. Between unique outlooks, missions to advance women and career milestones, our kōreros with our community always spark thoughts to add to our leadership kete.

This is especially true when we talk about our member, Jenni Prisk, for who kōreros are a cornerstone of her inspiring career. Jenni, a public speaking coach and motivational speaker, has officially published her book: Stand In Your Spotlight: An Ode to Living Fully — and we caught up to interview Jenni to celebrate the occasion.

Part memoir, part self help, Jenni’s recounting blends the perfect balance of imparting knowledge, wisdom, tips and tricks, while showing a compelling story of growth. Her story is explored with an invigorating, bold and lively retrospective edge, making it impossible not to weave into situations of today.

In her kōrero with Global Women, Jenni shares what this book means for her, her hopes for the women of Āotearoa and the next step in her energising career:


  • What inspired you to write your book?

A publisher in San Diego heard my story about my father’s despicable behaviour and how I overcame it, and other adversities, and invited me to write the book.

  • What are you most proud of about your book?

That it’s touching the hearts and minds of those who read it, especially women, and helping them to reflect on themselves and their lives.

  • What legacy do you hope to leave from your book?

It would be thrilling if people who bought my book passed it on to friends or family members in need of a positive influence in their lives.

  • What are the principles and values that have guided you throughout your career?

Honesty and integrity, being forthright, speaking up for myself and others, building trusting relationships, and passion for my work and life.

  • How has your outlook changed throughout your career?

As I gained self-confidence, my outlook on life has changed. While I still keep to the principles listed above, I can add: empowerment for others, collaboration with business partners, a willingness to receive negative feedback and work with it, and a sense of peace that I don’t have to fight for my place in the spotlight. I’m already standing in it!

  • What skills and attributes do you think are most important for women?

The ability to speak up, to advocate, and to lead without fear of recrimination. Don’t embrace the Impostor Syndrome. Instead, believe in yourself, advance your career and live a balanced life.

  • What are your hopes and visions for the women of Aotearoa?

That every woman feels empowered to do what she is capable of, and be recognized for it; able to speak up and be assertive; seek and gain leadership roles; to rise above the Tall Poppy syndrome to be seen and heard; to be respected by anyone.


Want more inspiration? Get in touch to be inspired by Jenni through a motivational talk or public speaking workshop for your team.

Stand in your Spotlight is able to be bought on Amazon, enquire at your local bookstore, or contact Jenni for a signed copy.


“Jenni’s story is a rollicking life journey of courage, determination, and adaptability. We can all see glimpses of ourselves within it and take inspiration from it as we shape our own futures.” — Rt. Hon. Dame Jenny Shipley, DNZM, Former Prime Minister of New Zealand and fellow Global Women Member