Member Feedback Update – March 2019

In November 2018 we asked all members for feedback on their membership with Global Women.

Our aim is to use the feedback to help develop our membership plan for the coming year to ensure that Global Women remains a valuable and impactful community of engaged women. The more responses we get, the better our planning.

In total 30% (89 out of 299) of the membership completed the survey.

We found that the two main reasons for joining and remaining a Global Women member were for the networking and connections and the ability to contribute and drive change.

Many of you told us that you were engaged in speaking opportunities, mentoring, and were promoting diversity and inclusion within organisations. To support you in these activities your suggestions for Global Women included; facilitate more opportunities for involvement (speaking, mentoring, etc), ensure opportunities for involvement are available to all members, ensure resources are easy to access.

Your suggestions for increasing engagement across the membership included; run a greater range of events and event timings, establish a webinar series, increase the clarity and aim of the impact groups.

Following the survey we have;

  • increased the frequency and varied the start times of member-only events for the coming year in order to provide greater opportunities for connection;
  • updated the Global Women website so that our resources are now far easier to find under the “Resources” section, including a sub-section for our factsheets;
  • we are always on the lookout to profile and celebrate your activity and achievements so expect to see a showcase feature in our bi-monthly newsletter and across our social media channels;
  • in order to increase opportunities for member connection, we are currently exploring options to run a pilot webinar and hope to issue registration details shortly;
  • We have committed to running more member events over the next year and to make it easier to spot what’s on where you are.


Finally, the Membership Survey is a vital feedback channel to the Global Women team. It lets us know what’s important to you and where we place our attention. Our next one is planned for Q4 of this year, we’d love to hear from all of you. 😉