Meet your new Events Manager

We are delighted to introduce you to Kerry Quin, our new Events Manager. As Kerry settles into her role, we took five minutes to say hello and find out a bit more about what has brought her to Global Women.

  1. Who are you, and what’s your position at Global Women?

    My name is Kerry Quin. My colourful career has had me working in events and small business management in many countries including , New Zealand, Australia, England, Ireland, Germany, Tonga and the UAE. When I am not working I love to cycle, climb hills and explore new countries while in the company of my family (two daughters and husband) a good book and great food and wine.

  2. When and why will Global Members be hearing from you?

    My role as Events Manager at Global Women allows me to find ways for women leaders in New Zealand to effect change for all kiwis through networking,  connection and learning opportunities. I will be contacting members throughout the year to update them on upcoming events and invitations. We are always looking for venues – from meeting rooms to larger conference spaces – to host our events, so please do contact me if you are able to support Global Women with venues.

  3. Why is diversity and inclusion in leadership important to you? 

    To me it is so important to see leaders in NZ embracing diversity and inclusion in the workplace. By building an accepting culture, leaders are encouraging their teams to step up, feel confident in their ability to apply their skills to the job at hand which in turn results in increased productivity and job satisfaction. Being a mother of two, workplace flexibility is particularly important to me and has helped me overcome several barriers in my ability to be able to perform at my best.

    In 2008 I left my event management company in Wanaka to explore the Middle East. During my time in Dubai I worked in event management, started a ‘Birthday Party’ business and co-founded an aviation catering company. I then managed a children’s drama company where the focus was on empowerment, innovation, connection and giving children of all nationalities a platform to share their voice. These are all values which are shared at Global Women.

  4. Who is your greatest inspiration?

    I come from a family of highly driven women. My grandma was a ‘land girl’ during the war and her work ethic has been handed though the family. She’s still a tough nut at age 92. My mum has run a tour company in Ethiopia for the past 12 years which takes a lot of determination and resilience, and my sister heads a global sales team from London. My cousin’s ‘raw’ cake company is currently taking Australia by storm. My mother-in-law has founded several businesses, and one sister-in-law has just launched a tech product within the male dominated building industry. My other sister-in-law has worked at exec level in several global advertising agencies. I’m looking forward to seeing how these strong women role models shape my daughters’ paths.