Diversity Leadership Finalists Announced

The Deloitte Top 200 finalists have been announced, including the three finalists in the new category of Diversity Leader Award.

The inaugural finalists are Genesis Energy, BNZ and Vodafone. The judges of the awards are Dame Alison Paterson, Fran O’Sullivan, Neil Paviour-Smith, Sandy Maier and Vicky Robertson (Special Advisor for the Diversity Award).

Sponsored by the Prime Minister’s office, the award is drawn from the Deloitte Top 200 and Deloitte Top 30 Financial Institutions lists. A shortlist of 25 organisations that have the highest-ranked gender results for their board and executive team were invited to apply for the award. Award applicants are assessed on the basis of their commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion throughout their business, including on issues beyond gender, as well as their development of innovative solutions to a diversity challenge or opportunity they recognise as business critical.

Including the Diversity Leadership award in New Zealand’s premier business awards demonstrates the commitment to diversity & inclusion that many of our biggest and brightest companies are making. It will encourage even more organisations to look at their own policies and programmes, and recognise the business value to be found.

The accelerating pace of change facing organisations, combined with shifting customer needs and aggressive competition offshore will require organisations to think differently. Diversity of ideas and perspectives ultimately equips an organisation to be more innovative and responsive to its customers and stakeholders.

Our congratulations to the three finalists, all whom are DiverseNZ Funding Partners, as well as all organisations recognised as finalists in the 25th year of the Deloitte Top 200.

We’re looking forward to the awards on November 27th!