Deloitte Top 200 Diversity Leader Award introduced

New category added to New Zealand’s premier business awards

A new category has been introduced today for the 2014 Deloitte Top 200 Awards. The new Diversity Leader Award recognises organisations for their policies, programmes and values to enable greater diversity across their business.

“Together with our new partner APN, we are delighted to add this new category to New Zealand’s premier business awards, now in their 25th year, said Deloitte chief executive Thomas Pippos.

“Diversity can be a powerful strategy for organisations that choose to use it for their competitive advantage. A greater focus on diversity by New Zealand’s most successful companies will spur economic growth and social change for our country.”

The Top 200 Diversity Leader Award winner will emerge from an annual listing of the 200 largest corporations based on revenue, and a separate listing of New Zealand’s Top 30 financial enterprises based on asset value. The lists comprise public listed and unlisted companies, New Zealand subsidiaries of multinational companies, cooperatives, societies and state-owned enterprises (SOEs), plus private companies prepared to supply audited accounts.

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From the Top 200 index only those top 25 organisations that show strong gender results will be asked to apply for consideration for the Diversity Leader Award. Applications will be open for only a short time and ranked organisations will each be notified to apply. This analysis will be undertaken on the basis of publicly available information only.

Award applicants will be assessed on the basis of their commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion throughout their business, including on issues beyond gender, as well as their development of innovative solutions to a diversity challenge or opportunity they recognise as business critical. Organisations will also be required to disclose their diversity policy.

Finalists will be selected by a panel of independent judges assisted by an advisor Vicki Robertson, Deputy CEO of Treasury.

“Including the Diversity Leader Award in the highly valued Deloitte Top 200 Awards demonstrates Deloitte and APN’s great commitment to diversity as a game changer for New Zealand business,” said Dame Jenny Shipley, Chair of Global Women.

“This award will ignite change by encouraging organisations to look deeply into their talent pool and increase diversity across their business, recognising the advantages of diversity and inclusion to their business performance.”