Celebration of our Breakthrough Leaders 2015

In the presence of some of New Zealand’s most influential and talented leaders, a 350 strong audience commended the 40 graduates of the 2015 Global Women Breakthrough Leaders Programme at the Global Women Celebration Dinner last week, November 25.

We would like to acknowledge the 40 women who have experienced an intensive year of discovery, learning and deep development. We also extend our gratitude to the members and Investment Partner organisations who joined with us to deliver the programme and to recognise this achievement.

In this last quarter, the women have considered the capabilities needed for a governance portfolio and looked broadly at leadership for social impact.

BTL celebration dinner Nov 2015 54BTL celebration dinner Nov 2015 117

The Breakthrough Leaders Programme is not about breaking through glass ceilings but has been designed to challenge the participants to develop the mind-set and approach that is needed to lead organisations and communities to shape change in New Zealand and beyond. In a context of diversity and inclusion, a digital reality, and one where uncertainty and ambiguity are constants, we are after something more from our leaders – self-awareness, emotional and cultural intelligence, digital literacy, a growth mind-set that appreciates a new approach to strategic and design thinking and one that is agile, creative and above all else open.

These women have been coached, mentored, challenged and stretched. They’ve explored everything from best practice governance skills to the benefits of a daily practice of mindfulness. We wish them the very best and look forward to watching them continue their leadership journey.


See our images of the fantastic awards evening in our Picasa album – feel free to share them.