BNZ becomes Global Women Major Partner

At BNZ’s Auckland Queen Street offices on 25th July 2018, CEO Angie Mentis announced that the company would become a Global Women Major Partner. The move is one of the bank’s first steps in affirming its commitment to diversity and inclusion. For BNZ the partnership also reflects a commitment to the broader community.

‘We are committed to sustainable development,’ in this area, Mentis told the audience, saying that there was a ‘lot of work to do’ with recruiters and the wider corporate network, with more work needed to fuel the female pipeline to leadership.

Steps such as offering generous parental leave policies, flexible working, and support to return from maternity leave all contribute to BNZ being an attractive employer of choice for talented employees.

At the announcement of BNZ’s partnership with Global Women, Mentis also explained her goal of increasing their senior leadership team from 35 to 40% female over the next few years.