Theresa Gattung: Gender pay gap – Why New Zealand women are effectively working for free from today

Today is the last working day of the year for kiwi women according to pay gap statistics. As our members are putting ‘down the tools’ and putting on ‘Out of Office Until 2022’ to bring attention to the gender pay gap in Āotearoa, our Chair, Theresa Gattung, has penned a thought provoking opinion piece for’s for the occasion.

Pay transparency, pay gap reporting, and creating environments where people can genuinely contribute their whole selves — it’s all explored in this insightful article.

“For me, fostering a sense of belonging comes back to the principles of manakitanga. Making people feel welcome by acknowledging their mana through aroha, generosity, hospitality and mutual respect. But it also hinges on a much firmer measure — and that is equity. Until everyone at the table is valued, remunerated and represented equally, then I would argue, a true sense of belonging for all cannot exist.”

Read Theresa’s full opinion piece on’s website HERE.