The power of building inclusive workplace cultures

In August we published our research on how inclusive New Zealand workplaces feel.

The findings were based on the views of more than 700 employees in New Zealand across more than 100 organisations. Several of these companies were featured as case studies in the report, which you can read here.

We’ve heard what the organisations are doing, now we want to learn more about the impact that these initiatives have on people. We are looking for stories that illustrate the power of building inclusive workplace cultures.

  • How has your experience at work been positively impacted?
  • Do you have examples from your organisation about the impact of encouraging millennial engagement?
  • About the effect that clear and transparent HR policies and practices have had?
  • About the difference that a strong leader who is prepared to challenge the status quo makes?

We would love to hear from you in order to demonstrate and showcase the positive impact of building inclusive workplace cultures both through our website and at an upcoming event in Wellington.

Please get in touch directly with Charlotte Burgess, Partner Support and Insights Manager, at