Do we have a millennial challenge and what are we doing about it?

This week Jo Avenell, GGM People & Culture at NZ Post joins us as a guest blogger

“The Times They Are a-Changin” was an album written back in the late 1960s and sung by Bob Dylan at the peak of the baby boom but it has occurred to me recently that now more than ever is this line most appropriate. Our businesses are changing, the way we work is changing, our customers are changing and the profile of our workforce is changing dramatically too.

I’ve read a lot recently about the fabled clash between Baby Boomers, Gen Xers and the much heralded Millennials. Much has been written about how millennials, those born between 1980 and the early 2000s, are less engaged, are on the lookout for other opportunities and for that quick hop up the career ladder. This group are the fastest growing employee segment within most large organisations these days so how does that fit with the team players, the duty before fun and skeptics? (Some of the traits of the Baby Boomer and Gen X traits.)

For me, it is about recognising the value that each of these groups brings. At NZ Post, I’m making it my mission to have an inclusive workforce where we harness the wisdom of our older workforce and balance this with an intake of fresh ideas from the millennials. Offerings such as our leadership development programme Generate play to the strengths and boldness of millennials. This is a targeted network to build our millennial leaders for the future; generating innovation ideas and being champions of change. Alongside this we also create structures and environments where people thrive regardless of their age and all contributions are recognised. At NZ Post this means a workforce who all benefit from these different perspectives. And surely that’s something we all want and believe in?

– Jo Avenell, GGM People & Culture, NZ Post


For the first time we have a four generational workforce. With World Youth Day celebrated on 12 August, DiverseNZ asks what your organisations do to tap into the newest generation?

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