Congratulations SkyCity, winners of Deloitte’s Top 200 Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Award 2020

At a time where many festivities are taking place, it’s with great joy that we recognise a Global Women Partner who’s recent celebrations include a recognition of their inclusion and diversity efforts.

Congratulations to Skycity Entertainment Group, who were crowned the winners of Deloitte’s Top 200 Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Award category on the evening of 3rd December. 

The award category is designed to highlight organisations that have not only identified specific diversity and inclusion challenges within their organisation, but innovated to create solutions that have delivered clear and inspirational outcomes.  

Part of this recognition for SkyCity was their recent development of Project Nikau: a pathway to sustainable, full-time employment for young Maori and Pasifika people. First launched in 2019 with 15 participants, the programme has since more than doubled to 35 participants this year — a commendable feat considering the curveballs of 2020. 

2020 Deloitte’s praise for SkyCity’s also comes from their clear setting of diversity goals, their in-depth understanding of the social background many social issues come from, as well as their responsiveness in adjusting their programmes to meet these needs. 

As New Zealand’s largest tourism and leisure organisation employing 3,800 staff, we hope that SkyCity’s example sets the tone for more impactful Diversity and Inclusion to efforts to be made across Aotearoa in 2020 and beyond. 

Watch SkyCity’s finalist video here: