Port of Auckland

Ports of Auckland is New Zealand’s largest import port and most efficient container port, handing nearly 1 million containers each year. It is part of the special character of Auckland; playing a vital role in the economy for over 175 years; delivering things New Zealanders need and enjoy.

We are proud to be a major partner of Global Women, as the port too is on its own journey to champion diversity in leadership. Diversity and inclusion are key priorities as part of our people and culture strategy.

We recognise the benefits of a diverse workforce, providing different perspectives and helping us to do things differently and innovate. As a port company, we operate in what has traditionally been viewed as a male-dominated industry but we’re focussed on shifting that. We are working on increasing the number of women in our workforce by concentrating on the barriers and biases (many unconscious) that prevent women from considering a career in our industry – we have a way to go, but we’re making progress.

In addition to diversity of gender, diversity of ethnicity and age are key priorities for us too. We currently have more than 40 nationalities within our workforce and employees spanning a wide range of age groups. Together, they provide our business with varying and fresh perspectives and ideas.