Lara Hillier

Lara is a senior partner at PwC, specialising in internal audit, and governance, risk and compliance (IA/GRC). She has held a number of leadership roles within PwC, including national leader of the IA/GRC practice, Utility Sector leader, Risk Assurance Auckland Leader, and Markets Leader and Chief Risk Officer on the Firm’s executive leadership team.

Moving from South Africa in 2008, Lara successfully established PwC’s internal audit, risk and compliance practice in Auckland having specialised in these areas since the mid-1990s. She works with organisations that want to achieve a step change in internal audit and risk management including optimising business processes, and assurance teams, across the ‘three lines of defence’, advising on internal audit and risk models and acting as a mentor to heads of risk and assurance.

Lara is currently a Global Woman Board member, with responsibility for Chairing the Finance and Risk Committee.

Outside of work, Lara enjoys downtime with her family at the beach, and travelling.