Una Diver

Partner - Reward | People Advisory Services, EY

As one of three daughters, my immigrant parents brought us up to believe that we were capable of anything we set our minds to, no matter what the endeavour was. Drawing on that ethos, my aspiration for the women of Aotearoa is that we create a society where there are no limits to what women can achieve – regardless of background or circumstance. I want to be able to use my skills to support other women, to break down barriers and provide opportunities.
In my work life, my role includes helping organisations understand and address the gender pay gap and improve the transparency around pay. Having started extending that practice into work on ethnicity pay gaps, I hope that understanding and tackling both the size and root causes of pay inequity at an organisation level will help us to acknowledge the significant contribution women make to NZ’s economy.
We have the opportunity, as leaders, to support other women to be whatever their definition f success is. By supporting all women to achieve their full capabilities, ensuring their remuneration is equitable, no matter their role and acknowledging their contributions to the economy (both paid and unpaid), we can make Aotearoa a better place.