Maggie Eyre

Founder, Fresh Eyre Ltd

Maggie Eyre is a dynamic teacher, personal presence and leadership coach and a proud Kiwi. She works nationally and internationally as well as in her local community. With over 30 years’ experience in business, public relations, teaching and acting, she has trained thousands of senior business executives, public figures and academics helping them to harness their potential, manage their nerves and bring the very best of themselves to public performances. Her career is focused on teaching clients how to: be present, tell stories, build reputations with integrity, present with ease and connect with their audiences.

Theatre Sports to New Zealand and most notably, founded The Performing Arts School in Auckland where she was Director of the school from 1989-1993, setting it up as a business, appointing the original Board and employing the inaugural staff. The school has attracted thousands of students from around New Zealand and is still highly regarded nationally and internationally as one of New Zealand’s leading institutions in the field. It has now split into TAPAC’s Performing Arts Centre and Unitec’s School of Creative Industries.