Jillian Friedlander

Director, Friedlander Foundation

Jillian’s philosophy through philanthropic objectives is to improve the wellbeing of New Zealand Children, Women and The Arts. Through the power of co collaboration, leadership and the belief of unity, diversity creates measured success.

Jillian is the Co-Chair of The Plunket Foundation, a foundation that seeks to build an independent and sustainable, world class children’s endowment fund. The purpose is to raise awareness for our vulnerable children and to support Plunket.

Accumulative experience as both an Alumni and Trustee for The Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award has cultivated a passion for equality, resilience and professionalism. Giving ability to the Youth for future leadership roles within the community and business platforms to reach their highest potential.

Jillian plays a significant role as a partner within the Friedlander Foundation, a philanthropic foundation that scaffolds opportunities in The Arts, Medical and Education sectors for the greater New Zealand. Jillian embraces the neurocognitive brain research through cord blood stem cells to improve the cognitive disorders decline with relevant partnerships.

Not only a supporter of The Arts, Jillian herself is an active contemporary artist specialising in the style of abstract colour field painting. Which constantly strives for discussion.

Effectively using co collaboration makes positive differences whilst working with experts in their fields of knowledge, with accountability and resources to create social and economic change.