Helen Klisser During

Ambassador, Global Art Project

Helen Klisser During is an art advisor, curator, and photojournalist who has championed global art projects for over 25 years. She creates, documents and fosters cultural exchange to promote understanding and address issues of social justice. An art world insider, Helen nurtures relationships among individuals and institutions to create significant cultural initiatives. Helen is committed to facilitating partnerships and cultivating connectivity using her extensive global networks.

Recognised by KEA as a World Class New Zealander, Helen is an award-winning photojournalist, she has undertaken assignments worldwide for the United Nations in Malawi and Rwanda; AmeriCares in El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Nicaragua; and Carma Foundation in Haiti. Helen served as the still photographer for Gaylene Preston’s 2016 film “My Year with Helen: The Helen Clark Documentary,” and her photographs and photo essays have been published in a wide range of national and international publications.