Mike Fuge

CEO, Contact

Mike joined Contact in 2020 about a month before the COVID-19 pandemic hit New Zealand properly. Since starting he has had major issues to deal with such as, Tiwai announcing their intention to leave the NZ market, two rounds of COVID and a lot of industrial landscape changes happening in response to these crisis. Mike didn’t come to Contact for a quiet time, he loves how every day is different and challenging. He is focused on ensuring the impacts of 2020 are not left in the laps of young kiwis to deal with for generations to come. He knows creating a thriving, stable economy full of career opportunities where everyone can prosper is important.

To create a thriving economy we need diversity in our work force. Diversity leads to broader ideas and better decision making. We are focused on bringing more diversity into our workforce at Contact, especially to areas of our business where we are yet to hit the 40-60 gender balance measure.

Mike is continuing work to guide Contact to continue to build and strive for a more inclusive and diverse work culture.