Jeff Greenslade

CEO, Heartland Group Holdings Limited

Jeff is the Chief Executive Officer of Heartland Group, the parent company of Heartland Bank. He joined Champions for Change in September 2017 to demonstrate his commitment to making Heartland an inclusive working environment. Jeff established Heartland’s Diversity Committee to help drive organisational initiatives to encourage diversity of thought and perspectives.

Jeff was also instrumental in establishing a programme at Heartland that supports and develops women at the early stages of their career, helping them grow into future leadership roles.

Another particular focus for Jeff is evolving Heartland as an organisation where Māori language, culture and values are embraced, to become an employer of choice for Māori. As part of this, he established a programme offering free te reo and tikanga Māori classes for Heartland employees – and he is a keen participant in these lessons. Heartland also launched an internship programme for Māori students, partnering with InZone and several secondary schools, for students to gain experience in a corporate environment, and for Heartland to learn from the unique perspectives of the interns.