Tanya Black

Manager, Wellington UNESCO City of Film

Tanya works to disrupt the status quo and bring about change. She brings to the Global Women board a passion for diversity and a recognition of the impact of intersectionality. She has an insider’s awareness of the additional barriers faced by women with disabilities.

Currently managing Wellington’s UNESCO City of Film designation, Tanya works to ensure underrepresented and underserved groups can participate in and engage with the region’s abundant screen culture and creativity.

Tanya demonstrates through her work the potential of the arts and culture sector to create more sustainable communities, socially, economically and environmentally. Tanya is also committed to biculturalism and champions a treaty-led approach in her governance roles.

Through necessity Tanya has honed first-rate problem-solving skills. Operating in a world not designed with her in mind (a fall in 2016 resulted in paralysis and the need for a wheelchair) Tanya has had to find innovative ways around barriers to inclusion and opportunity for herself and others.

Having worked in media for the past 16 years, Tanya is a fervent believer in the power of stories with in-depth understanding of how the media can be encouraged to support and promote causes. In 2016, Tanya completed a Bachelor of Broadcast Communications specialising in the media representation of disabled people and people of difference.

Sought by others for her expertise, Tanya lectures student groups and presents at national and international conferences on diversity and inclusion, particularly in the media. She believes shining a light on the strengths and capabilities of disabled people can generate understanding, promote inclusion and reduce stigma.

Tanya is a leader within the disability community and volunteers her time in various governance and mentoring roles. She is currently a trustee of the NZ Rugby Foundation, supporting players permanently disabled through playing rugby & previously was Chairperson of Panacea Arts Charitable Trust, an arts studio for children and adults who live with a range of disabilities.

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