Next Women of the Year 121015

Next Women of the Year 2015: featuring Frances and Catherine from Global Women

Written by Global Women, 12.10.15
Congratulations to all the winners in the NEXT Woman of the Year Awards 2015 last week – two of which are members of Global Women, Catherine Mohr[]and Frances Valintine[]. The six women were all described as "innovators and life-changers, visionaries and champions… every one living proof that passion...

Diwali - Celebrating Wisdom over Ignorance

Written by DiverseNZ Inc, 10.10.15
The Indian community has a long standing history in New Zealand, with the first Indian migrants arriving in the late 1800s. Since then Indian Kiwis have become vital contributors to New Zealand’s social, cultural and economic fabric. The ancient Hindu festival of Diwali festival kicks...

Lawyer Emily Morrow on her formative years

Written by Skye Wishart, 01.10.15
“My early memories were of my mother telling me two things: One, you can do anything you want to do professionally. Two, do not rely on a man to support you, because you never know what might happen, dear." Emily Morrow For over...
Catherine Mohr Robot 290915

Catherine Mohr: ex-pat Kiwi at top of medical robot game

Written by Skye Wishart, 29.09.15
Global Women member Catherine Mohr wasn’t always a doctor at heart – she never was the little girl who dreamed of a career in medicine. Instead, she has always been a tinkerer. And now, as vice president of medical research at Intuitive Surgical, she...
What would you do Marae Tukere 230915

What would you do for your visibility challenge? Marae Tukere

Written by Global Women, 23.09.15
The Breakthrough Leaders programme launched a new concept this year entitled the “visibility challenge” where each participant must raise their profile against an issue or cause of importance to them. This is an exercise outside their comfort zone - resulting in an array of...
White Camellia Awards 2015 210915

Global Women partners celebrate success at White Camellia Awards 2015

Written by Global Women, 21.09.15
Huge congratulations to our partners Westpac, ANZ and Bell Gully for winning categories at the White Camellia Awards evening last Thursday. Driven by the EEO Trust, the White Camellia Awards recognise organisations that are promoting gender equity through the seven international United Nations Women's Empowerment Principles...
Pay Gap 2 160915

Misunderstandings about the gender pay gap: Kirsten Patterson

Written by Skye Wishart, 16.09.15
Kirsten Patterson is a lawyer by trade, and now is New Zealand Country Head of Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand (the professional body representing Chartered Accountants). Before this, she spent almost 10 years at NZRU in human resources and then managing corporate services. Last...
Suffragette 140915

Upcoming Suffragette movie screening with Global Women

Written by Global Women, 14.09.15
One hundred and twenty-two years ago on 19 September 1893, New Zealand became the first self-governing country in the world to grant all women the right to vote, after years of campaigning and petitioning. New Zealand was ahead of its game. It wasn’t until...
Mihi Forbes 100915

Mihi Forbes, Monique Faleafa and Bo Li: panel on cultural intelligence

Written by Skye Wishart, 10.09.15
How culturally intelligent are we? On Tuesday Global Women hosted a powerful panel to provide insights into how you can further develop your cultural intelligence (CQ) and cross-cultural communication skills The panel included Māori investigative journalist Mihingarangi Forbes, managing director of Asiaworks Bo Li, and...