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Fast Four Questions: Jonathan Beale, ASB

Jonathan Beale, GM Wealth at ASB, spoke at our April 2017 D&I Meetup about the work he's done to achieve greater cultural diversity in his team, and the impact this has had in terms of innovative thinking and the bottom...
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Cultural diversity in Aotearoa

Written by Professor Edwina Pio, University Director of Diversity, Auckland University of Technology, 05.04.17
Professor Edwina Pio of AUT shares her thoughts on cultural diversity in New Zealand.
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Why Be Bold For Change?

The World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap report predicts that at our current rate of change the world won’t reach gender parity until 2186. However this date isn’t set in stone. We can move the dial by enacting change now—stepping up,...
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Fast Four Questions: Simon O'Connor, EY

A major sponsor of the YWCA Equal Pay Awards, Global Women investment partner EY is committed to creating a truly diverse and inclusive work environment. We grabbed five minutes with CEO Simon O'Connor to find out how EY is addressing...