TupuToa - Māori & Pasifika Corporate Pathways Programme

Providing sustained support for Māori and Pasifika tertiary students and early career graduates to fulfil their career aspirations, and become business and community leaders in New Zealand and internationally.

Launching in October 2016, the programme is a national internship and early career development programme, based on a proven international model, that will also assist corporate partners to identify, develop and retain high potential Māori and Pasifika graduates and develop a powerful national network of Māori and Pasifika business people throughout New Zealand. 


In 2013, Māori made up 15% of the New Zealand population and 10.7% of Aucklanders. Pasifika people were 7% and 14.6% respectively - Statistics NZ.


By 2033, Māori and Pasifika peoples will make up 30% of the population - Statistics NZ.


Only 17% of the top 60 New Zealand firms have an executive who identifies with an ethnicity other than European/Pākehā - EY, 2015